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Creating Food Plots and Trails

Cutting Trails and Creating Food Plots

We can work with individual hunters in the area, as well as local hunting clubs to cut trails and clear food plot areas. We can clean up and/or widen old trails as well as cutting new ones. We can make food plots for you as well. If you have a big oak tree in the woods, let us clear all of the smaller trees from around it, plow up the ground, plant seed, and you will have a good hunting spot. We will also plant and fertilize your existing food plots.

Seeding and Planting Advice

Are you unsure what to plant at different times of the year? Echols Land Management can advise you on what to plant and when. Some popular choices in central Georgia include wheat, oats, rye and corn. Soybeans can also be planted under certain conditions.
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Echols Land Management uses the latest equipment from AFE, Caterpillar and John Deere.
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