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Giving Your Lawn the Best Care

Routine Lawn Maintenance

Our newest addition to our suite of services at Echols Land Management is general lawn care and maintenance. Trust in our experienced crew to complete any routine lawn maintenance or mowing that your property needs. Why take the time out of your busy schedule to mow when we can do it for you!

High Quality Mowers

At Echols Land Management, we own the latest mowers that use the most modern technology available on the market today. They are guaranteed to give your lawn an extremely clean cut every time.

Unlike most lawn services, we also have the option to bad your yard with a zero turn mower. If your yard is too large for a push mower to handle, but you still want the mowed grass to be bagged, we can do it for you. Grass can be left for a compost pile or taken away.

Other Lawn Maintenance Services Include

  • Tree Pruning
  • Hedge and Brush Trimming
  • New Flowed Bed Additions
  • New Plant Installation
  • Unwanted Plant Removal
  • Pressure Washing
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Based in McDonough, GA, Echols Land Management serves all of Henry County as well as the surrounding counties.
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