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Quality Forest Mulching

Thinning Out Your Overgrown Woods

If the trees on your property have grown out of control, call Echols Land Management to thin them out. Using our modern equipment, we will thin out your overgrown woods to your specifications. Choose the size of tree you want to be removed and we will get rid of it. For example, if you want to thin out any trees that are no more than 6" diameter, we will remove all trees and brush 6" or smaller.

Trimming and Pruning Unwanted Limbs

After the thinning process is completed, we can trim back and cut any low hanging limbs from the larger trees that remain. This will keep the existing trees from becoming entangled and allow them to grow healthier.

Removal of Invasive Species

Many pastures and fields in the Southeast are overgrown with wild pear thorn trees. These thorns can flatten tires and scratch paint on your tractors. If these trees are on your property, call on Echols Land Management to rid your land of these trees. We will get your field back in order so they can be easily maintained again.
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